Hundreds of feet above the Hudson River, a nest box installed on the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge provides shelter for a pair of endangered peregrine falcons. These birds can scour for and dive after prey from this high vantage point.

Peregrine Falcon

Did you know?

  • Peregrine means “wanderer.” These falcons migrate great distances, flying north or south as seasons change.
  • Peregrine falcon chicks are called “eyases.”
  • The peregrine falcon can reach speeds over 200 miles per hour in a controlled dive, making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom.
  • Bony protrusions divert powerful airflow away from a falcon’s nostrils, allowing them to breathe during dives.
  • A third, translucent eyelid known as a “nictitating membrane” keeps their eyes moist and clear from debris while maintaining their vision.
  • Falcons generally establish a nest in February to raise their young before migrating south in the fall.


400+ FEET